Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting 2010 with a BLOG!!!

I have been putting it off. But I finally started it. 
Here is a little about me:

Timmie and I was married on July 30, 2004. We decided to starting trying to have kids. We had a lot of troubles and ended up having to do IVF.  So we decided to do one round of IVF. Thankfully after 2 years on fertility medicine it worked and we were PG with 2 BABIES!!!!!

My pregnancy and delivery:
I had a great PG until I was 24 weeks. At 24 weeks I was getting a lot of contractions. I was taken out of work and put on bedrest. I went in and out of the hospital until 29 weeks. At 29 weeks they couldn’t stop the contractions I got my 2 steroid shots and I delivered the boys vaginally at 30 weeks exactly. Wesley and Timmie were both 3.9. Wesley stayed in the NICU for 4 weeks and Timmie stayed for 5 weeks. Thankfully they are VERY healthy.

My SURPRISE pregnancy and delivery:
When the twins were 4 months, I pulled a muscle in my back . The doctor gave me medicine, but she told me I can’t take it if I was PG or BFing. I was no longer BFing. Well I bought a test just to be sure. DH even laughed at my “We had sex twice and you think you at PG.” No I didn’t. but I am weird about medicine. WELL, I came out of the bathroom SHAKING!!!!! He looked at me and said whats wrong. I say “ummmmm, I’m PREGNANT”…We just stud there for a few minutes in COMPLETE SHOCK!!! My doctor was VERY surprised as well. My doctor kept a very close eye on me since I delivered the boys at 30 weeks. But at 25 weeks I ended up in L&D with contractions. They were coming every 3 minutes and I was dilated 1 cm. Thankfully they stopped them. I was put on strict bedrest. I went in and out of the hospital to stop labor. At 31 weeks I got my steroid shots. At 36 weeks he said he wasn’t going to stop them anymore. Zachary was born weighing 6.13 at 36 weeks. 

The twins are 21 months and Zachary is 9 months. They are doing amazing. Getting into everything. It is so much fun having 3 little boys!!!!

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