Monday, January 4, 2010

Away from my Boys

Well last night was the first night away from my boys since Zac was born (this was the first time being away from Zac for the night). I had a professional development meeting at LSU for 2 days and I stayed out there. It was SO weird going to sleep in a hotel room by myself. The boys stayed with my mother in law until Timmie got off of work at 5:30. Timmie is so good with the boys. He had them last night and all today. He keeps when he is off. He works shift work, so he has them 2-3 days during the week while I am at work. But it was really nice just to get away for the night. I had a meeting until 8:00. We (a few of the other teachers and our principal) stayed up until 3:00 am just talking and playing games. It was really nice. (well until I had to wake up at 7:00 am to start the day for more I really enjoyed myself. 

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  1. Being away from your kids for the fist time is so different. I didn't sleep the first time I was away!

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